Due to the nature of vintage and pre-loved wear, items may come with minor flaws such as pulled threads, small holes, stains, etc. We grade our items based on the system below. Please ensure to read the item description carefully prior to purchase. Almost all items listed will be in Excellent condition.


Excellent: Previously worn with light to no wear. The item is faultless, with no visible flaws, and the fabric/material is like new.

Great: Previously worn with light to moderate wear. Fibers may be weakened by time/wash cycles, but there are no obvious faults in appearance.

Good: Previously worn with visible wear. The item may have minor stains, pulled threads, tiny holes, etc. The fabric may be weakened from time/wash cycles.

As Is: Previously worn with apparent wear and/or faults. Flaws may be irreparable or visibly repaired, but are not perfect in appearance. Any substantial issues will be included in the listing description.